Here at Ageless Thanet we have a variety of different types of activities on offer, from both our Wellbeing and Volunteering strands to the project.

Some activities are free, others are paid, and we have a mixture of short-term and long-term groups. If you want to find out more and get booked on, click the activity you are interested in and follow the links within.


Art classes

Come along and learn how to paint with Brian on this excellent 8 week course


Coffee Get-togethers

Join us for a weekly chat and a cuppa outside a cafe near you


Fitness Ballet

Get moving with ballet stretches and gentle exercises

Frankie's Feelgood Quiz

Frankie’s Feelgood Quiz

Join us for Frankie’s bi-weekly online trivia quiz every other Wednesday



Come and learn how to take beautiful photos on this 6 week course.



Keep fit, get flexible and have fun with pilates

seated yoga

Seated Yoga

If you have difficulty with movement or balance, try our Seated Yoga course with Amanda

Social Strolls

Social Strolls

Fancy a weekly walk with some friendly chat?

tai chi

Tai Chi

Come along and have fun with tai chi, a gentle way to fight stress


Tap Dancing

Feel free and rejuvenated with Jo’s tap dance class