Life Planners

Planning for Later Life is led by our partner Citizens Advice Thanet. It gives intensive support on a one-to-one basis with people facing difficult or challenging circumstances. The support helps people deal with a range of issues they may face in later life that can lead them to become isolated or lonely, this could include: adjusting to retirement, changes in finances, becoming a carer, or a sudden change in health.

The Life Planners take a holistic approach looking at all aspects of a person's life to see how best to support them. This could include emotional support, accompanying individuals to groups or appointments, helping them to budget their finances and access benefits you may not realise you are entitled to.

If you feel like you would benefit from some support from our Life Planner to help you deal with a change in your circumstances, please get in touch.

Call: 01843 808 685 or email: or complete the form.

Take a look at how Daphne benefitted from seeing an Ageless Thanet Life Planner.

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